The ICUAS Association Inc., is the main sponsor of the International Conference on Unmanned Aircraft Systems, which takes place every year in late May / early June.  The Conference spans four full days; the first day is devoted to Tutorials and Workshops in specialized research and educational topics of interest, followed by three days of technical sessions and keynote addresses.

The Conference attracts participants from academia, industry, federal and state agencies, government, the private sector, users, practitioners and engineers who wish to be affiliated with and contribute technically to the rapidly evolving and expanding field of unmanned systems.
Sessions cover a wide spectrum of topics focusing on civilian and public domain applications, from roadmaps of UAS expectations, technical requirements and standards, which are prerequisite to their full utilization and integration into the national airspace, as well as legal, policy, privacy and ethical issues. In more detail, topics include, but are not limited to: see-and-avoid, sense-detect-and-avoid systems, robust and fault-tolerant flight control systems, payloads, communications, autonomy, manned-unmanned swarms, network-controlled swarms, futuristic designs, challenges related to policies, procedures, regulations, safety, risk analysis assessment, airworthiness, certification issues, operational constraints, standardization and frequency management, all of paramount importance, which, coupled with ‘smart’, ‘environmentally friendly’ cutting edge technologies will pave the way towards full integration of UAS with manned aviation and into the respective national airspace.  

Every year, through keynote and plenary addresses, invited and solicited presentations, and round table discussions, the outcome of the Conference is a better understanding of what industry, the military and civilian national and international authorities need, and what are the crucial next steps that need to be completed before UAS are widely accepted and used for a multitude of civilian and public domain applications.

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